About Me

Who are you?

Hi, I’m Chelsea, a 20-something-year-old English girl from Newcastle currently living in Barcelona. Whenever I’m liberated from the daily grind I can usually be found scribbling down ideas for blog posts, planning my upcoming adventures, donning my finest feathers for the next samba parade and slurping wine. I don’t really know what I’m doing with my life but I’m enjoying it! 

What’s your story?

I’ve loved discovering new places and learning new languages for as long as I can remember. I find it exhilarating to venture into the unknown, and feel most alive when I’m out of my comfort zone. 

So far, traveling has given me some unforgettable experiences ranging from spending an Erasmus year in Berlin where I pretended to be a hipster, converted to veganism and met my future husband, stepping barefoot into human faeces on railway tracks in Vietnam, and living in a caravan for three months in a French holiday resort where I dressed up as a yellow dog for children’s entertainment. 

After all of these experiences, I was sure I wanted to live abroad permanently. Why feel the thrill of the unknown just a couple of times a year when you could experience it every day? 

Having studied French and German, France or Germany would have been an obvious choice. But despite the fact that I didn’t know anyone there or speak the language, I had an insatiable appetite to move to Spain. 

After discarding Madrid because my fiancé had already lived there and we wanted to discover somewhere new together, we decided on Barcelona with the reasoning being that a) it’s big, and b) people said it was nice. With not much more to go on (and neither of us having actually visited Barcelona before), we announced we were moving. 

Four years and many happy memories later, we are still loving Barcelona life and are constantly finding hidden corners and new cultural tidbits to woo and surprise us. We love having visitors and showing them around our adoptive home – one of the reasons which led to the creation of this blog. 

Aside from pushing me outside of my comfort zone and improving my writing, I really want to help people make the most out of their travels, while hopefully making them smile at the same time. 

What can I expect from Across The Water?

Posts every fortnight about

Why should I read this blog?

  • Gain insider tips about the best things to do/eat/drink in Barcelona and beyond, helping you get the most out of your travel plans or home city.
  • Get practical advice about moving to Spain, or abroad in general
  • Be surprised and have a laugh about cultural differences, challenges and the sometimes absurd and hilarious moments that arise from living overseas.

If that floats your boat, stay tuned for new blog posts.

Sending you positivity and sunshine from Barcelona, and I hope you have a great day!