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10 Ways to Have a Holiday at Home This Summer

With strict social distancing measures and severe travel restrictions in place, the chances of getting away on a foreign holiday this summer look slim. But try not to feel too glum about not jetting off to hotter climes, I’ve compiled this list of 10 things you can do to feel a little bit more like you’re on holiday without leaving home.

1. Be a Tourist In Your Own City

With not as many people out on the street and fewer or even no foreign tourists in your city or hometown, now’s a perfect opportunity to visit all of those places that are usually overcrowded. And you can finally take some great snaps without hordes of people blocking your shot!

I’m always amazed by how many Catalans haven’t been inside Sagrada Familia! It’s amazing, and with no international tourists due back until July, make sure to enjoy it now – the queues won’t even be half as long as usual! 

It obviously helps if you live in an awesome city like Barcelona with lots of cultural offerings, but you might be surprised by how many hidden corners there are to explore in your hometown, whatever its size. You just need to switch your mindset. I never thought there was much to do in my hometown of Newcastle or in the North East of England in general, but since going back as a visitor I’ve realised how much is going on! Check out It’s Great Up North if you don’t believe me for a fantastic source of inspiration for things to see, eat and drink. You’ll see it’s not so grim after all!

2. Get Out in Nature

View of Barcelona from Montjuic at sunset

Whether you’re a beach bunny, avid skier, or hiking fanatic, most holidays have something in common: time outside! 

Over the past few months of lockdown, I think we’ve all realised the importance of nature and exercise. It energises us, calms us down, and is a great mood booster. 

While we might not be able to go far from home right now, the weather’s getting warmer and we can take advantage by going for a stroll along our local beaches, hiking in our forests, doing a lap through the nearby park or enjoying whatever nature we have close by. It’ll certainly relieve you from the lockdown madness, even if it’s only for an hour.

A walk along the beach can help to chase the holiday blues away! (Barcelona beach front)

And you don’t necessarily have to do any exercise. You can always just go outside for some al fresco dining, have a picnic in the park, or work on your tan in the garden.

3. Read

Photo by Link Hoang on Unsplash

For many, it wouldn’t be a summer holiday without devouring a good book – ideally something funny and light-hearted that will transport you to a far off place. And this can be done whether you’re in the Costa del Sol or Grimsby. So kick back, relax and lose yourself in a great read. If you’re looking for some inspiration, why not check out The Ultimate Beach Read Bucket List for some inspiration.

For those that feel inspired or unmotivated to read, try following these three simple steps;

1 – choose a topic that truly interests you, no matter the subject.

2 – set yourself small and regular, yet manageable goals, like reading one chapter, or 5 pages, etc. per day.

3 – if you’re halfway through and you’re still not enjoying it, put it down and pick up another book – life’s too short to read bad books!

4. Book a Staycation

You don’t have to go abroad to have a holiday. From camping to having a beach break at a hotel, there’s bound to be somewhere you can holiday in your region or country. You don’t have to go far either – it’s often surprising how much beauty is on your doorstep. And you don’t need lots of time – a long weekend or even a day trip can be enough to break the daily routine and leave you feeling refreshed.

5. Make Yourself a Cocktail… or Five

One of the undeniable perks about holidays is that you can indulge in your favourite tipple guilt-free at any time of the day.

Even if you can’t go to a bar right now, you can always have fun concocting yourself a fabulous cocktail. Why not try a Breakfast Mimosa, an Earl Grey Tea Cocktail or a Fruity Sangria? Add a little umbrella or some fruity garnishes for extra holiday vibes.

6. Listen to Some Feel-Good Summer Tunes and Dance

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Everyone has songs or a particular music style that instantly puts them into a holiday mood. Why not make a playlist of your favourite holiday tunes and have a boogie. It’s a far cry from a summer music festival, but, even if it’s just you and your cat, having a bop should help you shed your stress one booty shake at a time.

7. Sleep More

One of the highlights of holidays is sleeping more! So slow down, breathe deep and practise the art of the Spanish siesta – it’s good for you!

8. Plan your next holiday

You might’ve postponed your holidays until after the summer, or you have a big getaway on the cards next year. In any case, it’s never too early to start planning, so why not binge on some Instagram travel porn and start dreaming of your next big adventure!

9. Try something new

Surfing in Barcelona

Ever tried something you’ve never done at home whilst on holiday? Maybe bungee jumping, surfing, or just eating some new food? It probably felt exhilarating and exciting. So why not activate that curiosity and adventurous spirit at home. Get out of your comfort zone by trying a new sport, taking up a new hobby or even just eating a new dish. It’s little things like this that add a bit of spice to your life and break the boredom of routine.

10. Have an Ice Cream

Because honestly, were you even on holiday if you didn’t have an ice cream?


I hope you’ve enjoyed these 10 suggestions for holidaying at home. Let me know if you try some of them.

Have you got any other ideas for holidaying at home? Let me know in the comments below!

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